Jan 25, 2020
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STEP.1 Store Design


It is safe at home opening and small stores!. The concept of the shopï?? the budget of the initial investmentï?? etc. After confirming the necessary mattersï?? we start planning. We will calculate the expected sales size and the kitchen area that we believe will be necessary from the kitchen equipment of your choice.

STEP.2 Store Image


Choose the store image of your choice from a few imagesï?? and estimate the shop installation workï?? we will explain clearly the outline of the construction.

STEP.3 Store Layout


The image of the arrangement of the store side in the segmentation of a rough shop and the kitchen. Arrange the equipment of your choiceï?? you can choose the used machine on the spot.

STEP.4 Interior work


The construction of the interior is as important as the image of the building. We are carrying out trial and test of kitchen equipment.

STEP.5 Open


We will provide you with the image as suggested. We also have a support system after the opening.

Free support

Images other than real costsï?? such as equipmentï?? loading and construction costsï?? proposal and layout of ideasï?? trade logo creation all free assistance. We introduce consultants to those who are anxious about the loan procedure.

Business Plan

Remodeling your homeï?? "out of the bakery" is OK! After confirming the necessary things such as the concept of the shop and the budget of the initial investmentï?? we will plan it in the shape according to hope.

Store design

We design the arrangement of the store by dividing the department and the kitchenï?? and explain the outline of the construction easily. You can also select the equipment of your choice by looking at the actual goods of the used equipment.

Equipment installation

Please leave the facilities meeting to the professional as well as the installation of the kitchen equipment. Of courseï?? the commissioning and the preparation of kitchen equipment are absolutely free. Present (as long as stock)
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Interior work

Because an image is important in the interior of the shopï?? I am particular about the building materials that I use. The interior construction is about one to two monthsï?? and then I will deliver it in the image as proposed. (for interior construction only)


The maintenance of confectionery-made bread equipment is worrying. It is not sold at all. Even after the manufacturer's warranty has passedï?? the repair technician can repair the product for a fee.

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