Jan 25, 2020
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Bakery Store Development/design and construction service (ID=7)

We are always trying to create the space that is required of people.

1) Market Research We correspond to a full-fledged market research including an accurate investigation of the number of households from a simple forecast.
2) Procurement of manufacturing facilities We will procure the necessary bakery equipment according to your budget. We will respond promptly to any new and used products.
3) Procurement of equipment In consideration of budget and preference, we procure the necessary equipment such as a display shelf, a display stand, a tongs, a tray at a low price quickly.
4) Product Development It takes a lot of bread recipes. We will propose the products suitable for each shop in consideration of the location.
5) Technical Guidance We propose the most appropriate bread technology in the situation.
6) Store Design design We consider what kind of store we want to sell, what kind of bread we want, and we realize only one design.
Introduction of the stores that have worked so far

The cost of eliminating waste is down.
I think there are cases where large-scale investments are made, and cases where we want to reduce the initial investment as much as possible. The cost is drastically reduced so that the maximum effect can be demonstrated within the budget.

I promise the responsibility construction.
We will do the free maintenance for one year. We will also submit a construction report.

We have created a variety of spaces for 25 years.
We have been working on more than 300 different bakery sizes.

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