12 years from the Advent!!ã??ã??ã??Actual No. 1 electric stone kiln Napoli pizza Oven

Jan 19, 2021
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Item Details [kitchen-equipment < hoven]
Electric type 200v small stone kiln Pitza Oven 500 â?? [2 pieces] PZT-500 (ID=56)
12 years from the Advent!!ã??ã??ã??Actual No. 1 electric stone kiln Napoli pizza Oven
Insulation cover Specification (optional)
I realize the firing operation of the authentic stone Kiln Napoli pizza easily!
Only 500 â for Neapolitan pizzas

â Electric Stone Kiln Napoli Pizza oven Definitive version!!

Combustion of a different dimension caused by the threat heater power

â 500 â correspondence, so early!! Delicious!!
The Neapolitan pizza which is thought to be burnt only in the stone kiln can be baked in about one minute and a half.
â the surface is crispy and the inside is baked with Motimotic.
The taste is not inferior to the stone kiln.
â stable baking with four-sided stone and special heat circulation structure is realized!!

Because it is a â stone, heat storage ï return power, outstanding, stable quality
Products can be provided! Baking is different.
Moreover, it is excellent in durability, and can be used in peace indefinitely.

-It is difficult to get a baked irregularity, and it is not necessary to reverse a troublesome baking process.
-Place the stone effectively and everywhere, and demonstrate the strength of surprise in continuous firing with outstanding heat storage ability return!!

â Temperature control independently of the above fire and the burner
You can adjust the temperature of the Ishi.

with timer
-30cm Pizza (pizza) Two simultaneous firing possible!!


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