400 â??-ï?? performance and no. 1 oven

Jan 19, 2021
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Item Details [kitchen-equipment < hoven]
Electric 200v Small stone kiln Pitza Oven 400 â?? [2 pieces] PZT â?? 20ï?? PZT-100 (ID=75)
400 â??-ï?? performance and no. 1 oven
Restaurant Zermatt Hotel ï Café Department store ï is active every day at the supermarket etc.

The â Compact is a best-selling model with a high baking ability.
High-performance model for â 400 â
There are many ovens up to 350 â ï but it is PZT for 400 â .
And the power is different.
â PZT Series Pizza is baked in a stone kiln!!
The Neapolitan pizzaï which is thought to be burnt only in a stone kilnï can be baked in a short time.
The inside is chewy and the outside is crisp and fresh.
The taste is not inferior to the stone kiln.
A variety of pizzas such as â Milano Roma and American type are burnt.
â Full-fledged Ishiï with a thickness of 15mmï excellent heat storageï stable quality products can be provided!!
In additionï it is durableï and can be used safely indefinitely.
The â -IR effect quickly enters the fire and bakes it deliciously.

Easy to set the temperature easilyï with a timer (12 minutes).
As well as a chefï it is easy to operateï so you can also work part-time.

â Focaccia ï Baking stew baked sweets can be widely supported.

PZT â 20
â One-Box two-stage model smallest
Compact design for Small spaces
-best-selling model of pizza main
-Ishi Dimensions 445wx445d
Product Specifications
Outer dimension: 580WX600DX450H
Effective Dimensions: 445wx445dx77h (top)
/72H (Lower)
Electrical Specifications: 200vï Single phaseï 3000Wï 14.5 a
Weight: 50kg
Operating Temperature range: 120 â ~ 400 â

â 2 Box 4-stage model
â Two-box individual temperature setting possible
Example) Top: 280 â ï 6 min
Bottom: 350 â 3 min
-Ishi Dimensions 525wx525d
Product Specifications
Outer dimension: 680WX700DX740HH
Effective Dimensions: 525wx525dx77h (top)
/72H (Lower)
Electrical Specifications: 200Vï 3-phaseï 6450wï 19a
Weight: 130Kg
Operating Temperature range: 120 â ~ 400 â

■ Pizza capacity
pzt-20 PZT-100
7 inches (18cm) 8 pieces 16 Sheets
10 "(25cm) 4 pieces 8 pieces
12 "(30cm) 2 sheets 4 pieces
13 "(33CM) 2 pieces 4 pieces

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