400 â??-ï?? performance and no. 1 oven

Jan 25, 2020
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Item Details [kitchen-equipment < hoven]
Electric 200v Small stone kiln Pitza Oven 400 â?? [2 pieces] PZT â?? 20ï?? PZT-100 (ID=75)
400 â??-ï?? performance and no. 1 oven
Restaurant Zermatt Hotel ï?? Café Department store ï?? is active every day at the supermarket etc.

The â?? Compact is a best-selling model with a high baking ability.
High-performance model for â?? 400 â??
There are many ovens up to 350 â??ï?? but it is PZT for 400 â??.
And the power is different.
â?? PZT Series Pizza is baked in a stone kiln!!
The Neapolitan pizzaï?? which is thought to be burnt only in a stone kilnï?? can be baked in a short time.
The inside is chewy and the outside is crisp and fresh.
The taste is not inferior to the stone kiln.
A variety of pizzas such as â?? Milano Roma and American type are burnt.
â?? Full-fledged Ishiï?? with a thickness of 15mmï?? excellent heat storageï?? stable quality products can be provided!!
In additionï?? it is durableï?? and can be used safely indefinitely.
The â??-IR effect quickly enters the fire and bakes it deliciously.

Easy to set the temperature easilyï?? with a timer (12 minutes).
As well as a chefï?? it is easy to operateï?? so you can also work part-time.

â?? Focaccia ï?? Baking stew baked sweets can be widely supported.

PZT â?? 20
â?? One-Box two-stage model smallest
Compact design for Small spaces
-best-selling model of pizza main
-Ishi Dimensions 445wx445d
Product Specifications
Outer dimension: 580WX600DX450H
Effective Dimensions: 445wx445dx77h (top)
/72H (Lower)
Electrical Specifications: 200vï?? Single phaseï?? 3000Wï?? 14.5 a
Weight: 50kg
Operating Temperature range: 120 â?? ~ 400 â??

â?? 2 Box 4-stage model
â?? Two-box individual temperature setting possible
Example) Top: 280 â?? ï?? 6 min
Bottom: 350 â?? 3 min
-Ishi Dimensions 525wx525d
Product Specifications
Outer dimension: 680WX700DX740HH
Effective Dimensions: 525wx525dx77h (top)
/72H (Lower)
Electrical Specifications: 200Vï?? 3-phaseï?? 6450wï?? 19a
Weight: 130Kg
Operating Temperature range: 120 â?? ~ 400 â??

■ Pizza capacity
pzt-20 PZT-100
7 inches (18cm) 8 pieces 16 Sheets
10 "(25cm) 4 pieces 8 pieces
12 "(30cm) 2 sheets 4 pieces
13 "(33CM) 2 pieces 4 pieces

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