Cultivate the super expert of the pastry!!!

Jul 7, 2020
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Nihon-kashi Vocational School
High Technical Department (ID=4)
Cultivate the super expert of the pastry!!!

High Technical Department

Educational philosophy

Since our founding in 1960ï?? we have been producing a lot of human resources to date as our educational philosophy. In the confectionery industry in recent yearsï?? many engineers have been introduced to the mediaï?? as well as the usual confectionery More and more people are participating in competitions with more advanced technologies and creating creative activities.
The new Department "high Technical Department" was established with the aim of acquiring higher-level technical knowledge from an early stage. Lessons that are not confined to conventional confectionery technology but are useful for confectionery production and sales (languageï?? sales promotionï?? hospitalityï?? cafe Technologyï?? Displayï?? etc.). To be able to participate in various contestsï?? etc.ï?? chocolateï?? marzipanï?? We provide advanced training classesï?? such as the technique of crafting and expression of sugar craft. It is also a characteristic of our school. We will also learn a wide range of technologies that can be used in Western sweets and bakery products in the futureï?? and we would like to cultivate engineers who are able to be active in the world.

Educational goals

Aiming to acquire higher level of professional skills knowledge.
Craft Sweets (marzipan. Sugar Craft. American crafts. Chocolate work. We aim at the acquisition of the technology of Kumohei bean paste.
We aim to participate in various contests such as Japan Cake Show and Karuizawa Sweets Expo competition.
We aim to acquire the second class of confectionery manufacturing skills.


Small class training for two tables per table
Tuesday to Friday classes four days a week (8 hours/day. 32 hours/week)
30 weeks × 4 days 120 days (960 hours)

* Participated in a training trip at sister school France National Higher Confectionery School in Isanjo (voluntary participation after graduation)

Class content

Pastry a confectioneryï?? baked confectioneryï?? chocolateï?? glass sorbetï?? etc.

Pastry B Traditional sweetsï?? creative sweetsï?? agheth de saleï?? con fisleyï?? etc.

Craft technique marzipanï?? Amezaikuï?? Sugarcraftï?? chocolate workï?? Kumohira

Seminar Cafeï?? salesï?? displayï?? wrappingï?? etc.

Social education linguisticsï?? guidanceï?? health checkupsï?? examsï?? career guidanceï?? Japan Cake Show tourï?? etc.

Course hours

Exercise 90% social education 10%

Subjects Number of hours
Pastry A
Pastry b 312
Craft Techniques 288
Seminar 48
Social education 96


Our Instructors

Jun-ichi Goto (Junichi Goto)

Born in Kanagawa in 1960.
1979-2003 at Tokyo Prince Hotel
Worked at Grand Hyatt Tokyo in 2003
Currently deputy General Chef.

Certified Technical Advisor of the Association of Japan Pastry Association of Japan
From 2005ï?? lecturer

Award History
1988 Charles Proust Competition Japan first place in qualifying
1989 France Finalï?? 2nd place
1995 4th Qu

Second placeï?? individual (Amezaiku) 1st place
1998 World Confectionery Arts Competition (Monaco) 1st place ã?? Chocolate Work ã??
Tsuchiyaï?? Koji (Koji)

Born in Shizuoka in 1960.
From 1982 to 1987ï?? he traveled to Paris with a number of patisserieï?? Chocolatï?? and restaurant training.
Back in 1987ï?? he served as a chef at "La Ponbert" in Daikanyama.
In 1990ï?? he served as a chef for "Michel Showdan" after the French re-crossing.
In 1999ï?? he opened "Musee de chocolat Teoboma".

Certified Technical Advisor of the Association of Japan Pastry Association of Japan
Lecturer at the school in 2007

Award History
Charles Proust Competition 2nd place
ARPA John Competition Silver medal
Many other awards. [Marzipan work]
Hiroto Sasagawa (Hiroyuki Sasagawa)

Born in Niigata in 1949.
Graduated from Japan Confectionery College in 1972
1972-77ï?? Shibuya Hikarimoto Pastry Shop
He taught at Confectionery Vocational School in Japan 1977 to 1996.
Worked at a prestigious store in Austria
In 1996ï?? "Cafe Kondi Tri Hiroclants" opened in Niigata City.
Lecturer at the school in 1999


Word of recommendation

I am a 30-year student from the Japan Confectionery Collegeï?? and I have been in the confectionery industry for twenty-four years. I was able to study confectionery technology and theory professionally for two years.
The basic techniques were taught thoroughlyï?? and I was allowed to study to become the foundation of my confectionery life. Not only thatï?? but also the confectionery technology and theory in the field inviting an external lecturerï?? I was able to gain a very valuable experience to teach in real time.
After I went to the sceneï?? I went to the basics of what I was taught at schoolï?? and what I learned in the day desserts was definitely leading me to the professional world.

I think that it is possible to acquire a more advanced technology in the establishment of the high technical department this time.
After I entered the fieldï?? I came across a competition. The competition raises the level of the technician to a higher one.
In the high technical departmentï?? students learn more advanced technologies and theories that they cannot experience in two yearsï?? and are able to challenge competitions in Japan country.
By learning higherï?? deeperï?? and more patientlyï?? the world of confectionery becomes interesting.
It becomes your fruit and leads to your self-confidence.

I have been elected Japan representatives of the past four times and have been pursuing the limits of confectionery technology and theory.
To create a new thingï?? you need to face yourself and challenge relentless.
And the competition has now spread to the junior generation. It is a wonderful experience to be able to challenge the world while you are youngï?? it will be the power of the entire industryï?? the new wind.
It will be the shortest way to have your own patisserie and to challenge a senior world Congress in the future.

The high technical department which is opened this timeï?? and more specialized confectionery

Be a pastry patty Sierre who will study and fly to the world.
I will cheer you up as one of the graduates. From the confectionery to the worldï?? I would like to entrust my junior Japan the confectionary industryï?? and I will wait as a good rival.Izumi Koichi (Koichi Izumi)
Astrisk owner Chef
Department of Confectionery Technology 30-year students. Graduated in 1991.
2006. 2008 World Pastry Team
Championship consecutive runner-up.
Many other awards.
Until 2007ï?? in Tokyo Chofu "Salon de te Surje"
He is a pastry chef.
Currentlyï?? the first store "Asteririsk"
Shibuya-ku Uehara 1-26-16 Tama Techno Building opened on the first floor.



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