Jul 7, 2020
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4 side glass refrigerated showcase LED specification front opening door type RCS - 4G63SL (ID=91)
-Use a bright energy-saving LED light
-compact design that can be used even in limited space
â Cooling effect in the forced convection method adopted to circulate the cold air
â How to match the various shops you can!

The brightness of the LED, to produce a refrigerated product attractive!

The effect of LED lighting has been added to the refrigerated showcase of a compact, excellent cooling effect Remacom!
It shines in the inside of a warehouse that is overwhelmingly brighter than the fluorescent lamp, and produces the product like "I want to take it in the hand".
The LED has little heat and power consumption, so the energy of the refrigerator is suppressed and the power saving effect is excellent.

Model numberRcs-4g63sl
PowerSingle Phase 100v 50/60hz
External dimensions
Width x Depth x height (mm)
425 x 412 x 837 (mm)
Effective Bore Size
Width x Depth x height (mm)
Bottom Center: Width 325 x Depth 345 x Height 460 (mm)
Bottom end: Depth 330 (mm)
Second Stage Center: Width 340 x Depth 315 (mm)
Second Stage: Depth 300 (mm)

(â?? because of the surface design, the difference in depth is out at the center and both ends. )
Rated content63 liters
Power consumption164w
Temperature control Range1 to 12 â??
(* Outside temperature: 25 â??, in-store air temperatures under conditions without direct sunlight.) )
Storage capacity250ml cans: 75 bottles
350ml cans: 70 Bottles
500mlpet Round Type: 45
500mlpet Square Type: 50
Sho Bottle: 9 Bottles
Product Mass32.5 kg
AccessoriesRack × 2, movable shelf × 4, door key × 2

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