Gently to the doughï?? split exactly.

Jul 7, 2020
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Divider DIVIDER SLIM (ID=17)
Gently to the doughï?? split exactly.
Gentle to fabricï?? split accurately
With its own vacuum systemï?? it can be split as easily and accurately as a hand split because it does not put pressure on the dough (it does not stress the dough).
In additionï?? the dough and the work place do not sticky in oil because it does not need the divider oil.
Reduce work time
It is now possible to carry out the work efficiently in order to do the division in a new method never before. It is not necessary to clean even if the kind of the dough changes between batches. Work time is shortened and daily care is also very easy.

High production capacity
This unit slim2× up to 1100 units per hour. 200 is capable of splitting up to 2200 pieces per hour). Up to 50kg (Hopper can also be supplied with the dough up to 70kg) the hopper that can be put into the dough is placed low and is easy to put into the doughï?? every day Reduce repetitive tasks.
Also this hopper uses a special Teflon machined stainless steel.

Fabric Friendly
No divider oil Required
Easy to maintain
Compact and easy to move
No choice of installation location
Compact and movable
This unit is compact and can be moved. No place to pick up location.
The speed of the split can be adjusted with a velocity controller. The separation of the split dough is 70 to 90cmï?? and the total length of the conveyor belt can be connected to the production line by 50cm.
Moreoverï?? there are few parts where the metal rubsï?? and the lubricant of the part is almost unnecessary. The structure became simpleï?? and the mechanical trouble decreased.
Electric Capacity: 3 Phase 200v1. 3kw
Dimensions: w1200×d670×h1250 (1600) mm
Weight: 350kg

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