Ideal for storage of fabrics.

Feb 18, 2020
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Talk freezer (ID=18)
Ideal for storage of fabrics.
As it is deliciousï?? keep frozen.
Cooling-Rapid cooling
The optimum design systemï?? such as the shape of the coolerï?? the airflow and the flow of the windï?? always keeps the inside temperature uniformly and in high humidityï?? so that the dough is not dry during cooling.

Equipment-emergency water cooling equipment
The air-cooled refrigerating machine is equipped with an emergency water cooling system to make it difficult to cut high pressure even if the ambient environment deteriorates. (Operated freezer optional)
In addition to the air-cooledï?? the refrigerating machine can be prepared in accordance with the kitchen environment.

As with Duconditionapartesilï?? it is finished in a sturdy body in a space-savingï?? withstand long-term use.

Talk Freezer single type

Operated Freezer
The upper part can be used as a work bench.
Freezer for operated type fabric

Talk Freezer Double type

Easy to operate
It becomes the operation Board of the touch panel and is easy to seeï?? and is easier to use. Anyone can easily handle.

Three types of memory
You can register three types of freezing temperatureï?? refrigeration temperatureï?? and mode switching time.

Frost Removal
Although the standard is a cycle operationï?? it is now possible to defrost even by time specification. It is very convenient to avoid busy time zones and to defrost.
It can also be forced to defrost and defrost easily.
Automatic decompression
It automatically switches from refrigeration mode to refrigerated modeï?? and it is possible to make the cloth which was stored the day before the next day easily.
In additionï?? it is possible to unpack the dough quickly in the mode where the heater enters. (Memory 3 only)

The computer always self-diagnoses the operation situationï?? displays the maintenance information before the trouble occursï?? and displays the situation when a trouble occurs. It is easy to perform maintenanceï?? and it is possible to respond quickly in case of trouble.


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