Homogeneous fermentation management.

Jul 7, 2020
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Homogeneous fermentation management.
The thin plump bread of the epidermis can be made in the ideal fermentation condition of uniform in the inside.
Heating, Humidification
The system controls the ideal fermentation by automatically controlling the optimal amount of heating and (not drying) the Humidification method. Built-in fan for overshoot prevention, stable temperature It is possible to manage humidity. The type with refrigerating machine which can manage severe temperature and humidity is also available.

Fan control
It keeps the temperature humidity in the warehouse uniform by the original convection method which wraps the dough gently. The fan is manufactured in special specifications to withstand high temperature and humidity, and can withstand long-term use.

Body, Door
Ducondisionabaltesil to withstand high temperature and humidity for a long time, It is finished in a sturdy body in a space saving. The door looks neat and clean in the room with three large-sized glass windows with high thermal insulation. The glass uses a high safety scattering prevention sheet.

Easy-to-use Touch panel operation Board
Current temperature humidity, set temperature humidity display
Three kinds of memory functions
Self-diagnosis function

Tokh Hoiro

France Panhoilo
This is a proofing for easy-to-buy French bread trays.

We have also made proofing for Chinese buns.

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