Gentle on the doughï?? rounded and evenly divided.

Jul 7, 2020
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Dividing rounding machine DR-ROBOT 2 (ID=20)
Gentle on the doughï?? rounded and evenly divided.
Electronic control E Type
Work efficiency is significantly up!

Looking for more rounding accuracy...
The electronic control type has been used to set the rounding motion stroke and the rounding rate which had been previously impossible according to the kind of the cloth.

Delicate setting items
In addition to the press time and rounding timeï?? it is possible to set the rounding operation strokeï?? the capacity adjustmentï?? the rounding speed in the setting itemï?? and the optimal setting for the cloth size now.
Because the rounding operation stroke and the rounding rate can be setï?? it is effective for the customer who has a large number of split plates and is divided from Kodama to ball.

Easy to do
Conventionallyï?? the setting of the capacity adjustment bar which had been set by manual operation can be done from the Operation panel.
It is very convenient to register the program according to the type of dough and the large oneï?? and to call it with a single touch.
A control panel that fits all fabrics

Easy to do
Ten different programs
Registration function
Digital settings

Fully Automatic type
New technology in hydraulic system
ã??ã??ã??Tender the dough into a split round
Press timeï?? rounding time is digital setting
The fabric capacity setting is set in the adjustment bar
Fabric exhibition pressure is gentle to fabric hydraulic type
10 types of programs can be registered with memory function
Simple structure and less mechanical troubles
Replaceable split Board
The split board is available in seven different sizes according to the application. In order to be able to cope with a wide variety of division rounding by the replacement of the split panelï?? various Can be used for the fabric. The split board can be easily replaced and available in a wide range of machines. It is washable and can be used in a sanitary manner.

All models with Castors
It is possible to keep the kitchen hygienic because it wakes by moving when cleaning.
Electric Capacity: 3 Phase 200v1. 3kW
Dimensions: w645×d655×h1600 (+ 100) mm
Weight: 370kg

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