The temperature control according to the cloth in a space saving.

Jul 7, 2020
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Kaminaka control Duconditioner by three rooms (ID=24)
The temperature control according to the cloth in a space saving.

Kaminaka control type under 3 rooms
Supraventricular, Nakamuro, and lower chambers are separately controlled. Since individual rooms can be managed at different temperatures, temperature control according to the fabric is possible.

The ideal fermentation management system for fabric people.
The parthenolide of bread is considered to be the first The mode is divided into five modes. The concentration, humidity, and time can be arbitrarily set for each mode, and the best program can be registered according to the fabric. In addition, the conventional machine is one cycle (5 mode) in 24 hours, and Parthenolide is able to program six cycles (5 modes). Versatile use of overnight, long-term fermentation and low-temperature fermentation is possible.
Three kinds of memory
According to the type of bread and the usage form, Three types of programs can be registered beforehand. For example, if you memorize them according to the kind of cloth and the way of mixing, the best pattern is called immediately by pressing the switch of each program. It is possible to operate one-touch all with the holiday, Sode late shift, etc. .
Oh, yes.
The computer automatically controls the amount of heat in each mode of thawing, preheating, and proofing, and the optimal fermentation is controlled by the ideal temperature rise curve.

"It's not wet, it's dry."
In each mode, It is possible to be humidified. In particular, as the dough is less dry when cooling it is possible to control the ideal humidity of the inside (not to be dry) (not wet) by a unique humidification method when fermentation is possible with low temperature humidification. Therefore, the thin, soft bread of the epidermis can be made. .

Cooling Humidification
Parthenolide the cooling coil to a large capacity, and performs the humidification at the time of cooling by the original fan control. The dough is less likely to dry during cooling storage, and the best bread can be baked, such as volume, complexion, etc.
"Rapid Cooling"
Because it does not dry at the time of cooling, the shape of the cooler, air volume and flow of wind all use long-term technology, It keeps the inside of the warehouse in a state of high humidity at all times. There is no work loss to shorten the time to launch the product from the end of the proofing. Since the cooler is manufactured in a special specification, it is possible to withstand the long-term use of corrosion strongly.

Fan control
"I wrap the dough gently in a homogeneous cabinet."
The air flow is controlled according to the function of each mode, and the temperature humidity in the cabinet is kept uniformly without drying the dough by parthenolide original convection method. The fan is high temperature. It is manufactured in special specifications to withstand high humidity and can withstand long-term use.
The digital operation panel is easy to operate with one touch.
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Easy to operate
The Operation panel is a touch-type key switch. The operation of the purpose can be Wantatsuchi directly. It can be easily understood and manipulated by anyone for Japanese display.

The computer always self-diagnoses the operation situation, and the maintenance information and a million--if the trouble occurs before the trouble occurs, the situation is inspected and it is displayed. It is easy to perform maintenance and can cope with the trouble of a problem early.
Large space-saving high rigidity
Large space saving
Parthenolide is a large capacity in a space-saving. You can use the precious space of a small kitchen. The shelves are variable and can be adjusted freely according to the product. The stainless steel plate for the food type is also available as an option.

We used a thick stainless steel in both the inside and outside parts, and finished it in a sturdy body to withstand long-term use by using a reinforcing bracket on the inside. We also use special stainless steel that is difficult to stain on the outer wall.

The body is designed to be easy to clean. You can also select the height of the pedestal leg to make it easier to clean under the machine.

Insulation material
The heat insulating material is made of 60 mm foam urethane with 6 surfaces, and the inner body and the outer body are completely separated by the insulation material, and the release of thermal is suppressed to the minimum and the loss of energy is lost.

The door is a large glass window. Moreover, the insulation performance is high with the triple (some model double) glass, and it always looks Sutsukili in the warehouse. Glass uses a glass of high safety scattering prevention sheet.

It is possible to endure long term from low temperature to high temperature and high humidity by using a special resin.

Equipped with
The emergency water cooling device (option) can be installed on request only for the refrigerator integrated type so that the cooling ability does not fall even if the surrounding environment is bad.

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