A crystal of Todokeru and sensitivity to the luxury of a moment.

Nov 21, 2019
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Part 1 Pastry Course (ID=3)
A crystal of Todokeru and sensitivity to the luxury of a moment.
Only the pastry is made repeatedly. In order to grow to a certain level as a pastry chefsï?? high technology and absolute confidence are required. Tokyo Confectionery School Confectionery The 2328 hours of practical training are sure to change with confidence.
Two-year system
Mon-Fri: 5 times a week AM8:30 ~ PM4:30
The basic ï??ï?? practice and the application by the model practice teacher. Demonstration of pastry. ï??ï?? 480
Confectionery Practice ï??ï?? Application ï??ï?? of a decoration cake from a basic sponge
A trial ï??ï?? manufacture of confectionery by independent originality of creative research students. Research on sales management. ï??ï?? 32
The training ï??ï?? of special confectionery method by the practical training instructor and the work instructions ï??ï?? at the production plant
Confectionery theory ï??ï?? Various manufacturing process and quality controlï?? basic knowledge of raw materialsï?? handling of instrumentsï?? etc. ï??ï?? 48
Basic knowledge ï??ï?? of main raw materials such as flour and sugar. Structure and management of various machines such as ovens and mixers. ï??ï?? 84
General business ï??ï?? knowledge such as processing of accounting tax accounting and commercial taxation and costing method. ï??ï?? 24
Business practice of ï??ï?? the confectionery Business Management Business Administration Law and the Sales Act (store structureï?? product displayï?? wrappingï?? customer service correspondenceï?? etc.) ï??ï?? 32
Trademark Registration ï??ï?? the names and structure of confectionery in general. ï??ï?? 4
ï??ï?? business practices such as managementï?? plant managementï?? personnel relations and industry information by those who have experience in the confectionery industry. ï??ï?? 4
Hygiene control ï??ï?? Food Hygieneï?? overview of public healthï?? and explanation of hygiene guidance and hygiene regulations at factory stores. ï??ï?? 24
Sanitary Law ï??ï?? and legislation driftï?? sanitary administration overviewï?? confectionery hygieneï?? and related laws drift. ï??ï?? 12
ï??ï?? general public Health overviewï?? environmental hygieneï?? disease prevention and more. ï??ï?? 12
ï??ï?? Introduction to food scienceï?? food processing and storageï?? food production and consumption and food history. ï??ï?? 4
ï??ï?? Introduction to food hygieneï?? food hygieneï?? food corruption alteration and conservationï?? food differentiationï?? food hygiene management. ï??ï?? 12
ï??ï?? Introduction to Nutritional nutritionï?? nutritional scienceï?? nutritional physiologyï?? nutritional intake. ï??ï?? 12
ï??ï?? Public Educationï?? confectionery historyï?? color studiesï?? foreign languagesï?? table mannersï?? cafesï?? storesï?? business capacity tests. ï??ï?? 84
ï??ï?? Tours of field trips and excursions in Hakone Seminar house and bus hike. ï??ï?? 88
Sports ï??ï?? Indoor ball gamesï?? baseball tournamentï?? etc. ï??ï?? 32
ï??ï?? Admissions Guidanceï?? employment guidanceï?? medical examinationsï?? etc. ï??ï?? 72
ï??ï??Total ï??ï?? 2880!! >

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