Acquire overall power as an engineer.

Jul 7, 2020
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Part 2 Confectionery Senka (ID=5)
Acquire overall power as an engineer.
Overwhelming amount of training
In the pastry Senka Part 1: There is a difference between the number of classes and the length of the classï but the total of 90% of the whole "making by my Hand" is devoted to the practice class. Same as pastry courseï sponge doughï doughï From the basics of butter cake doughï such as the essential technology in contestsï chocolate workï It is acquired over and over again to advanced technology such as Tre tour called the Pastry Shop cooking. As for the class with the emphasis on the practiceï the lecture class is a total of 1%ï but the necessary knowledge is firmly pressed from the basic of the confectionery theoryï the raw material studyï and the food hygiene etc. to the store business administration. .
The basic ï ï practice and the application by the model practice teacher. Demonstration of the latest pastry. ï ï 200
Confectionery Practice ï ï Application of decorating cakes from basic spongeï etc.. ï ï 604
The training ï ï of the special confectionery method and the work point in the production factory by the practical training lecturer. ï ï 48
Confectionery theory ï ï Various manufacturing process and quality controlï basic knowledge of raw materialsï handling of instrumentsï etc. ï ï 16
ï ï Business practices of confectionery management management and sales law (store constructionï product displayï customer supportï etc.). ï ï 16
Hygiene control ï ï Food Hygieneï overview of public healthï and explanation of hygiene guidance and hygiene regulations at factory stores. ï ï 28
Basic knowledge of ï ï general education courses and business administration. ï ï 8
Basic knowledge ï ï of major raw materials such as flourï sugarï fats and additives. ï ï 32
ï ï Admissions Guidanceï employment guidance ï ï 8
ï ï Total ï ï 960!! >

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