Boasting volume boasts a fire power

Sep 25, 2022
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Bakers Production Co., Ltd.
Musashi oven (ID=1)
Boasting volume boasts a fire power
Musashi MB-43 (K) (4 pieces 3 steps = 12 pieces difference) Musashi mirror surface finish type combined use test baking Repeated completion self-confidential work body division method number of stages color necessary number etc. you basic item * color (photograph black specular finish) Standard * Sus304 made high (9 cm, 15 cm.20 cm) * Operation mounting position etc. (Photo right BOX specification) * Other 2 steps 4 steps Including attachment etc. Prepared () Reliable high each step separation control type New adoption 10 seconds unit setting Possible (large 99 minutes 50 seconds) 400 × 600 top board standard compatible power supply standard equipment holiday setting daily single power supply ON / OFF time free setting

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