It is easy to request the new two-room control.

Sep 25, 2022
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Du Conditioner "Francais V 2" (ID=6)
It is easy to request the new two-room control.
De conditioner "Francais v2"
The photo is Francais 32v2.
ModelSpecificationsRatedBody DimensionsRemarks
Fed-32V2Two side difference
8 steps per room
Sixteen different pieces
32-piece Difference
3-Phase 200v 1. 3kw
(Max 2kw)
W800 D1ï?? 100 H2ï?? 050Refrigeration machine
One group
It is possible to work efficiently because the supraventricular lower chambers can operate and configure separately.
For exampleï?? one of the proofing is cooled early and the next day.
It is possible to teach the dough. (* 1)
Of courseï?? it is also possible to manage the fabrics with different temperature and humidity settings separately.
Equipped with a new type of humidifier and cooling device.
By adopting a new air conditioner system (* 2)ï?? excessive temperature rise is eliminatedï??
In additionï?? the fine fermentation is now possible.
A new type of vaporization system is used to make the humidifier different from the conventional.
There is hardly a time lag of the humidification without affecting the temperature controlï??
We promise a sanitary and mellow fermentation.
Supraventricularï?? lower Chambers separately equipped with new-designed Operation panel.
The operability which was popular from the past is exactly followedï?? and it became more refined and easy to use.
400 × 600 Top plate ~ 6 W380 (l530mm) Difference number
Differential 16-Stage 32-sheet Difference Storage Shelf Specification

(* 1) supraventricularï?? Lower chambers is not in storageï?? so long-term cooling
It is not possible to use it while setting it.
(* 2) since the air conditioner mode can be set to a wide varietyï?? the specification tailored to the customer
It is possible to set. Please ask for details.

â?? For other detailed specificationsï?? please consult because we estimate.
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