Seasoning the texture as it is in a short time

Jun 22, 2021
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Vacuum low temperature Heating Cooker Vide Pro (Vee Pro) (ID=88)
Seasoning the texture as it is in a short time
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* Seasoning Liquid impregnation: to penetrate the taste to the ingredients in a short time
* Boil at low temperatureï steaming: Do not miss the taste and nourishment by low temperature cooking
* Low Temperature enrichment: capitalize on the taste and color of the material
* Pre-processing: Smell of meat and fishï easy seasoning

Model: EVC-220
Electric Capacity: 100v Single phase 50/60hz 13a or less
Dimensions: w400×d430×h205 (ã )
Weight: 13kg
Ball Capacity: 5 liters

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