May 16, 2021
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Nichiwa Electric Corporation
Electric boiled noodle Cooker (ID=28)

Electric boiled noodle Cooker

It is safe and clean without polluting the air in the kitchen without soot exhaust gas by combustion because of electric type. Precisely temperature control with simple operation to set the thermostat to the desired temperature.達??It is possible to control the hot water temperature at the optimum temperatures, and improve in the kitchen of high efficiency! You can cook a wide variety of buckwheat noodles and ramen noodles. The other. It is useful in various kitchens such as an employee cafeteria, a restaurant, a hotel, an inn.

High heating efficiency

Because heating is applied directly to the heater in the tank, there is no energy loss, and the heat efficiency is economical. Soon after the noodles are turned on, you can make delicious, shiny noodles.

With safety device

It is the boil prevention device of the heater. This device automatically works and is safe when you boil by any chance.

A variety of variations

There are a variety of sizes and specifications according to the application and the scale.
Auto lift type to take out noodles automatically
The boil time is set by the timer, and it is done from the input of the ingredient automatically. You can set the timer for each
You can cook different noodles at the same time.
Tabletop type for a small amount of cooking
There is also a small type that can be installed on a tabletop. There is also a model that can be used for home 100v power supply.
Other than that, there is a lineup of blanched for spaghetti only boiler, buckwheat noodles boiled with a large amount of noodle.


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