Jun 22, 2021
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Nichiwa Electric Corporation
Electric Lander (ID=30)

Electric Highlander

The Yoshisa Browningï?? which is also an indicator of the taste of foodï?? can be quickly addressed. Since the order of the food is included in the restaurant hotelï?? it is possible to respond promptly even if work is doneï?? It also leads to the reduction of the food material loss. Browning can be provided with a sweetie fragrance in the state of hot without having to wait for the customerï?? such as gratin and pizzaï?? which is a point.

Can be installed in a limited space!

The wall hangings type can be installed on top of it in combination with the oven range. It is possible to use a limited kitchen space in order to be able to arrange equipment vertically from the arrangement of the equipment.

esb-600n (tabletop type) features the speed of the rise

Since the esb-600n of the tabletop type is especially early and the high temperature is instantaneousï?? it is possible to perform the operation immediately by turning on the power supply. Because there is no need to heat storageï?? it is easy for the environment in the kitchenï?? and to reduce the electric utility cost.

Example of cooking (for ESB-1000) and method

To make a better cooking offer
The other heating equipment (oven steam convection ovenï?? etc.) is required for a certain amount of heating time in salamander single equipment.
There is a method of making the center temperature hot in advanceï?? and the baked color of the final finish by the Salamander in combination with.
In order to provide it in a short timeï?? it is recommended that it be heated beforehand.

example) baking Doria oven 280 â?? 5 minutes cooked cooking â?? Salamander
â?? One-time cooking 6 people minutes 1 to 2 minutes lower (shelf height)


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