Oct 23, 2021
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Vacuum packaging machine (chamber type) Packer One series RVM-450L (for single phase 200 V) (ID=55)
Gas enclosure function is installed as standard. It has a function to adjust the vacuum rate. Liquid pack, degassing pack possible. It corresponds to all ingredients such as solid, liquid and soft materials.
Width 45 cm Model number RVM - 450 L Power supply single phase 200 V 50/60 Hz Dimensions Width × depth × height (mm) 598 × 644 × 1012 Dimensions in vacuum chamber Width × depth × height (mm) 485 × 550 × 110 - 175 5th sheet) Large width 450 mm Power consumption 900 W Exterior specification Vacuum chamber specification Vacuum capability 417 / min (formula) High vacuum achievement rate 99.9% Weight 116 kg Length Approx. 3 V stands Approximately 400 (mm) Vacuum packaging bag use environment Temperature: 10 ° C or more (Preventing cold fault)

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