Oct 23, 2021
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Depositor / Molding Plant / Switzerland KNOBEL (ID=1)

Switzerland Knobel is a high-precision depositor of the company. By adopting a unique drawing mechanism called "turning piston system" rather than a rotary valve, 0. We have achieved a high aperture system in 01 grams. As a high-speed CAD depositor for decoration, we are proud of the first performance.

The technology called "Cold press" of the international patent made it possible to prevent dew condensation of the press tool, to uniformly shell thickness, and to make beautiful rim molding.

We have introduced a lot of "Nats Depositer" which can be filled with various kinds of nuts in a factory.

The introduction to the chocolate molding factory by the method called "Free mold" which does not adopt the Chain method is piled up, too. We will establish a production system of high quality products in order to skillfully assemble spiral coolers, Hiflex Demorda, etc.


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