May 16, 2021
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Sunfressai Co., Ltd.
Regular PITA (Halal Certified Regular Pita) (ID=52)
Product Name: Regular PITA (Halal certification acquired Regulapita)

-Packing: 5 pieces × 12 pack/box diameter approx 17cm

This bread is mainly eaten in the Middle East.
Cut it in halfï and enjoy it with the ingredients of your choice. The aroma of spices arouses appetite.

â in the characteristic of the productï there is a rose with a shape
ã ã

ã Cooking Method ã
â Natural decompression: The bag stays at room temperature for about two hours
â ¡ Microwave oven (600w): Put one piece on a heat-resistant dish for about 40 seconds

* Halal products usually take about one week from order to delivery.
* The payment of Halal products is only in exchange for the price.

Halal Breads Pamphlet

Download:English pamphlet (PDF) 646kb

Download:Indonesia pamphlet (PDF) 594kb


Payment: Cash On Delivery
P R i c e: Including Payment Charge
Freight is free for 2 cartons or more per order

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