May 16, 2021
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:Sunfressai Co., Ltd.
Graham PITA (Halal Certified Graham Pita) (ID=61)
Product Name: Graham PITA (Halal certification acquired Grahampita)

-Packing: 5 pieces × 12 pack/box diameter approx 17cm

Graham Flour was kneaded based on the Regulapita.
Graham's texture and flavor is very good with meat dishes.

â in the characteristic of the product, there is a rose with a shape
ã ã
ã Cooking Method ã
â Natural decompression: The bag stays at room temperature for about two hours
â ¡ Microwave oven (600w): Put one piece on a heat-resistant dish for about 40 seconds

* Halal products usually take about one week from order to delivery.
â The settlement of the halal product, I will be only in exchange for the price.

Halal Breads Pamphlet

Download:English pamphlet (PDF) 646kb

Download:Indonesia pamphlet (PDF) 594kb

Payment: Cash On Delivery
P R i c e: Including Payment Charge
Freight is free for 2 cartons or more per order

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