Multi-Baker Pro

Jun 22, 2021
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Multi-Baker Pro (ID=28)
Multi-Baker Pro
MSP-100 MSP-200
It is flexible in the seasonï time zone and the location by the plate exchange.

With a single electric baker's plate-changing styleï it is easy for anyone to bake a popular menuï including authentic bell-Jean Wafflesï chelkyï baby spongeï and snapper grilling. The menu can be expanded in a small amount of varietyï contributing to sales up depending on time zoneï season and location.

■ A variety of 16 different menus in one unit
■ Variety and small Quantity menu
■ Easy operation
■ Compact Electric type
■ One-touch plate replacement
■ Plate Wash easily
■ Temperature adjustment According to 16 species
■ WITH one plate set per body

Power supply: Single-phase 200v
Power consumption: 2ï 000W
Dimensions: w485×d350 (including handle 450)
× H240 ã
[Order Production]

■ Replacement plate (for multi-Baker Pro only)
â One set of plates is attached to the body. Additional plates are optional.

1. Belgium Waffle Type (6 pieces)
Baked Size: 98x98x26mm
2. Belgium Waffle Rectangular type (6 pieces)
Baked Size: 98x79x26mm
3. Belgium Waffle Round type (2 pieces)
Baking size: 135 (Ï ) x26mm
4. Belgium Waffle Round type (6 pieces)
Baked up Size: 87 (Ï ) x26mm
5. Croissant Bar (Cherkiba) (8 pieces)
Baking size: 180 (L) x30mm
6. Baby Sponge cake (32 pieces)
Baked Size: 40x30x30mm
7. Baby Sponge cake Round type (40 pieces)
Baked Size: 30x30x30mm
8. Snapper grilled (3 pieces)
Baked Size: 140x85x30mm
9. Maru (6 pieces)
Baking size: 90 (Ï ) x28mm
10. Mini Snapper (21 pieces)
Baked Size: 50x35x26mm
11. Churros (7)
Baked Size: 22x260x22mm
12. Large Size Grill (6 pieces)
Baking size: 78 (Ï ) x28mm
13. Teppanyaki type (pancakeï etc.)
Effective firing Area: 197x298x15mm
14. Croissant Donut (6 pieces)
Baked Size: 84 (Ï ) x28mm
15. Croissant Waffles (6 pieces)
Effective firing Area: 199x298x26mm
16. Cheese Dock (6 pieces)
Baked Size: 150x40x30mm

398ï 000 yen
Cooking Category

Waffleï Belgium waffleï pancakeï donutï Croissant & Danish (Croissant Donutï chelky)ï Cafe ballï baby spongeï cheese Dogï okonomiyakiï okonomiyakiï etc.
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